When it comes to climate protection, most people talk about problems. Yet, powerful solutions already exist! One of these solutions comes from us – and, with your help, can make a significant impact.

Overview of Our Solution


Wooden Tiles

CO2 Storage
from leftover or firewood:
Each tile binds 2.5g of CO2!
Dimensions: precisely 20 x 20 x 5 mm


Trees extract CO2 from the air and store carbon (C) in their wood. They release clean oxygen (O) back into the atmosphere. When wood rots or is burned, C and O recombine, producing climate-harming CO2. We prevent this by purposefully using leftover and firewood. This way, we sequester CO2 in a particularly long-term manner, contributing to climate protection.

We aim to create wood products that can store CO2. Most wood products consist only of the few flawless pieces in the core of the tree. This is a problem because flawless wood is rare and often needs to be sourced from afar. We can significantly reduce the industrial demand for fresh wood and its associated transportation by making wood usable even at the edge of the trunk, in the branches, and in flawed areas. The smaller the required wood pieces, the better we can achieve this.

We achieve a significant climate impact when we bring many of these small wood storage units into use across surfaces, such as flooring or wall tiles. For instance, 2,500(!) tiles are assembled to create one square meter. To achieve a flat surface with straight edges with so many tiles, there must be no length or width deviations. The cutting process must, therefore, be extremely precise. Only our specially developed method can guarantee such precision.

Yes, but no one else manages to cut wooden tiles with such precision and resource efficiency. Only the precise dimensions allow us to create perfect and seamless wooden surfaces from thousands of tiles, making the application unique. This is not achievable with regular wooden tiles. However, due to the precision requirements, production is also very demanding and requires a high level of engineering and craftsmanship.




We have already created a variety of possible applications. Under ‘Assembled’ (see above), you can find some options that you can click on for more information (‘Floor surfaces,’ etc.). Of course, you can also get creative yourself by ordering individual wooden tiles or simply giving us a call to discuss your ideas. We look forward to it!

For many wood products, only tree sections without branches, discolorations, tensions, and inclusions are used. Unfortunately, very little wood is so perfect. Large quantities of unused trees and wood scraps (offcuts) end up as firewood or eventually rot – both releasing climate-harming CO2. We can prevent this! Our small wooden tiles can be obtained from almost any piece of wood – even from previously unused parts of the tree. At the same time, the assembly of the tiles in a 90° offset results in fantastic properties of our wood surfaces, which other materials (including plastics) do not possess.

Currently, we require a total of 0.18g CO2 for the production of one tile. There is still further potential here. However, our wood does not need to be harvested with large machines and is not transported over long distances. This saves a significant amount of CO2. Our production requires electricity, but it comes from a wind turbine in the neighborhood. This also avoids CO2 emissions. Overall, we have considered all factors in calculating the storage value of a net 2.5g of CO2 per wooden tile. And: The more we produce, the more positive the CO2 balance becomes!

We achieve the best climate impact per square meter with oak and fruit woods from the vicinity of our production. Often, this wood is brought to us ‘on the way’ by local fruit farmers and gardeners. We have also established a partnership with a sawmill in our region, which provides us with leftovers from their production.

Yes, absolutely! No trees are specifically cut down for our wooden tiles. We use the leftovers from other wood processing companies, and we make use of wood from the gardens in our region. The more our customers choose this wood, the more they contribute to preserving tree populations, especially old giants, from deforestation.

We not only aim to create climate-friendly CO2 storage but also entirely healthy and pollutant-free wood products. We are fully committed to ‘No Plastic’ and use vegan glue, as well as linseed oil and natural color pigments. This demonstrates that there are already natural, environmentally friendly, and healthy alternatives to conventional products. Another example is our product packaging made of grass paper and our adhesive tape made of natural rubber.



Store up to 100,000 tons of CO2
per year!
Preserve tree populations!
Finally, take action!


We have spent five years developing a production process that is now operational and allows the production of wooden tiles, with which we can sequester 100,000 tons of CO2 per year. To achieve this, it is essential to utilize our tiles on as large surfaces as possible. Feel free to contact us so we can show you the calculations.

Our wooden tile production is entirely geared towards utilizing wood that other businesses cannot use sensibly. Without us, it would end up as firewood or rot. The more our wood products are in circulation, the more CO2 we sequester – replacing other products for which fresh trees would have been felled. This way, we preserve tree populations, reduce the use of fresh wood, and safeguard the forest for the future challenges posed by global warming.

In recent years, we have overcome many crises, but the climate issue remains. Many people discuss the problems and possibilities of the future. With our tiles, we have already found practical solutions and want to not only halt the climate clock with you but also turn it back. After five years of development, we can produce products that allow significant amounts of CO2 to be stored. For this, we need your help.

Talk to your family, friends, and colleagues about our idea. Only when people know about us can they understand our solution and become interested in our products made from many small CO2 storage units. Support our campaign by purchasing wooden tiles. Each campaign tile costs one euro. You can buy as many tiles as you like.

I seek your help for climate protection.

My name is Matthias Gogolin. I am an engineer and have developed a process to create small CO2 storage units from wood. We use wood that others cannot process. Up to 60%(!) of a tree is left behind in the wood industry. Thanks to my process, we can use a significant portion of this leftover wood, saving it from environmentally harmful burning or decay! In larger quantities, our wooden tiles have an enormous CO2 storage capacity while simultaneously reducing the industrial demand for fresh wood.

As a father, I want to provide my three children with a concrete answer on how to protect the climate. I quit my job and invested a lot of time and money in a consistently sustainable and CO2-reducing implementation. Wood from the region, wind power-generated electricity, vegan glue, No Plastic, natural oils and colors, packaging made of grass paper, and more.

The result: 20 x 20 x 5 mm wooden tiles with a storage capacity of 2.5g of CO2 per tile. They form the basis for climate-protecting products with a storage potential of over 100,000 tons of CO2 per year just in Germany.

2,500 wooden tiles per square meter unleash their impact across surfaces, from wooden floors to wall tiles and pictures to crafting material for our children. Finally, we can all do something. For that, I need your help.

Our campaign at a glance


Buy tiles

Each campaign tile
costs exactly 1 euro.
You can buy as many as
you like.


With the funds from this campaign, we prevent the significant and already functional solution for climate protection from being further implemented. Otherwise, we would unfortunately have to discontinue the realization of this highly effective project. Additionally, from your personal action tiles, we will create a prominently visible symbol for climate protection that will bring together all supporters: a gigantic image measuring approximately 112 meters in length and 3.60 meters in height. This alone sequesters 2.5 tons of CO2 and sets a new world record for the largest wooden mosaic image.

[Zahlungsprozess beschreiben]
Wieviele Plättchen Du kaufst, hängt von Deiner Unterstützungsbereitschaft ab. Wir freuen uns über jeden Unterstützer.

With the proceeds, you help us implement this symbolic statement for already existing climate protection solutions. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be used to expand our wood tile production. This will enable us to store much larger quantities of CO2 in the future and convince more people of our effective concept.

You will not receive individual tiles as part of this campaign, as the giant image, symbolizing our collective world record action for climate protection, is created from all the action tiles. Your tiles will be colored by us and securely connected to all other wooden tiles.

Unfortunately, no, as your support involves the regular purchase of a product, including VAT. This approach is necessary for tax reasons, as we intend to use a portion of the proceeds to expand our wood tile production and maximize the effects of climate protection.


Assembling a picture

We color your tiles and assemble a huge picture from them – a joint symbol for tangible action and measurable CO2 reduction for climate protection.


Yes, because after purchasing your tiles, you will receive their coordinates within the image via email. Since the artwork is composed of consistently sized wooden squares, it is possible to provide you with the exact position of your tiles or image segments.

The entire artwork is intended to consist of 1,008,000 wooden tiles, binding 2.5 tons of CO2. This creates a gigantic picture with approximately 112 meters in length and 3.60 meters in height. By the way, we are setting the world record for the largest wooden mosaic picture in the process.

For us, it is important to distinguish between the terms “picture” and “motif.” The motif is already clear: we want to show that it’s the many small things that make big things possible. With the help of many, we aim to realize a real solution for a major issue. It will be a process in which many people participate through various measures. At the same time, it should be enjoyable and convey something fundamentally positive in the end. However, it should also remain exciting for you… what the picture will ultimately show? Each additional action tile will reveal a bit more of that to you 😋.

During our joint campaign, we will document the progress of the project online. This way, you can track what’s happening and how far we’ve come at any time. We don’t want to reveal the final location where the picture will be exhibited at this time. Let’s just say this much: A very, very large number of people will see it. Whether the picture will then remain in a permanent exhibition or be disassembled and sent to supporters of the project all over the world is not yet decided at this time.


Implementing climate protection

Together, we enable the sequestration of hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 in the future.


Very versatile! Kindergartens, schools, occupational therapy practices, and nursing homes use individual wooden tiles as crafting, therapy, or teaching materials and combine them into surfaces and models. At home, you can use our tiles as parquet, wooden wall tiles, wooden wall panels, and ceiling suspensions. We also utilize the small CO2 storage units to create artworks. You can find some beautiful examples made from our material under #Holzartisten on Pinterest and Instagram.

Yes, we do. We know exactly how many individual wooden tiles and how many square meters of our surfaces we are applying thanks to our customers. Using a calculation of 2.5 g of CO2 per tile or 6.25 kg of CO2 per square meter, we determine the amount of greenhouse gas that has been sequestered with the help of our customers. Even during the expansion of our production, we ensure that we achieve the value of 2.5 g of CO2 per tile.

We are the result of many discussions about climate and sustainability. The idea, the fundamental design, and all the processes we have developed are based on these discussions. Thus, we see ourselves as an outcome of the search for solutions and now have to prove that real solutions are also wanted. To do this, we create added value in our products in terms of technology, customizability, and repairability. We believe this is the way we want to shape the future together. Therefore, sustainability is not just a goal for us but the basis for our current and future work. In a way, this project poses a fundamental question: Is this approach desired by our society and by you?

Yes, and in various ways. For instance, you can talk to other people about our idea and products. We aim to use many more tiles in climate-protective applications, and that can only happen if people know about us. Feel free to subscribe to and share our content on social media, working with us to increase our reach. Perhaps you might also consider incorporating one of our wooden products into your own space. Another avenue is through your own ideas: What products made from wooden tiles would you like to see? We are very interested in your ideas and find the exchange with our supporters motivating and helpful. Maybe you’d even be interested in collaborating with us. If you own a retail store or an online shop, please feel free to reach out.

Our collective symbol for immediate climate protection:
A new world record!

We want to impressively demonstrate that active climate protection is already possible today. With your support, many different contributors come together to create a colorful picture of record-breaking dimensions: 1,000,000 environmentally colored wooden tiles form a gigantic image measuring approximately 112 meters in length and 3.60 meters in height. When stood upright, this artwork is even taller than the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. In doing so, we are making a spectacular statement for climate protection that alone sequesters 2.5 tons of CO2. At the same time, together we are setting the world record for the largest wooden mosaic image in the world! You can be part of it. Thank you very much!

How you can participate:

Simply through the German crowdfunding platform Startnext. We have officially created a project for our campaign there, which you can directly support. Just click on the button, and we will redirect you
to our Startnext project.

If you prefer, you can also reach out to us directly:

Thank you for your feedback on our wooden tiles!

We thank these companies for their support

Would you like to support us too?

Flächen am Boden

Die Ursprungsidee sind Parkettdielen, die aus unseren CO2-speichernden Holzplättchen erstellt werden. Ein Quadratmeter dieses schönen Parketts besteht aus 2.500 Holzplättchen und bindet 21.700 g CO2! Es ist frei von Schadstoffen, äußerst robust und hat besonders gute Eigenschaften als Bodenbelag.

Flächen an Wänden

Eine Alternative zu herkömmlichen Wandfliesen sind unsere farblich anpassbaren Fliesen aus CO2-speichernden Holzplättchen. Eine Fliese besteht aus 64 einzelnen Plättchen, die im 90 Grad Versatz aufgebracht werden. So entsteht eine besonders hohe Feuchteresistenz, die den Einsatz der dekorativen Fliesen in Küchen und Bädern ermöglicht.

Bilder u.v.m.

Wir haben ein spezielles Verfahren entwickelt, um aus Bildvorlagen ein Mosaik mit kolorierten Holzplättchen zu erschaffen. Weitere Möglichkeiten mit unseren CO2-speichernden Plättchen sind QR-Codes, Icons, Logos u.v.m. All das haben wir bereits umgesetzt und zeigen es Euch gerne auf Nachfrage.

Eigene Kunstwerke

Unsere CO2-speichernden Holzplättchen nutzen Kindergärten und Schulen, aber auch Künstler*innen als Material für kreatives Arbeiten, z.B. zum anmalen, beschriften und zusammenlegen oder -kleben. Aus diesem Grund bieten wir die glatt geschliffenen und unbehandelten Holzplättchen natürlich auch lose an.

Surface areas on the ground

The original idea involves parquet boards created from our CO2-absorbing wooden tiles. One square meter of this beautiful parquet consists of 2,500 wooden tiles and sequesters 21,700 g of CO2! It is free from pollutants, extremely durable, and possesses excellent qualities as a flooring material.

Surface areas on walls

An alternative to conventional wall tiles is our color-customizable tiles made from CO2-absorbing wooden tiles. Each tile consists of 64 individual tiles applied in a 90-degree offset. This creates a particularly high moisture resistance, allowing the use of these decorative tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Pictures and much more

We have developed a special process to create mosaics with colored wooden tiles from image templates. Additional possibilities with our CO2-absorbing tiles include QR codes, icons, logos, and much more. We have already implemented all of these and are happy to show you upon request.

Own artworks

Our CO2-absorbing wooden tiles serve as material for creative activities in kindergartens, schools, and among artists. They can be painted, labeled, assembled, or glued together. For this reason, we offer the smoothly sanded and untreated wooden tiles individually as well.


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